Joe Smirkin It ain't cool - most kids don't smoke, Don't be in the minority - join us! Tasha Smirkin
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Meet the Smirkins

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The Smirkins are an imaginary Hull family that could live round the corner from you. They're a mixed bunch, going through many of issues to do with smoking that you are, and some of the issues you haven't had yet.

The Smirkin Family
Health effects of smoking

The health impacts of smoking

The nicotine attaches itself onto the brain's working cells called neurons. These cells send messages to a different part of the brain to release chemicals that make the smoker feel...

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Environmental Effects

Smoking and the environment

As global production of tobacco increases, particularly in the developing world, land is being cleared to make way for tobacco farming, and now accounts for an estimated 200,000 hectares...

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Smuggling & Counterfeit Cigarettes

Tobacco fuelled crime

Not all cigarettes are sold legally in the UK. There are big profits to be made by criminals who bring cigarettes and tobacco into the country to avoid taxation ...

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The Ageing Effects of Smoking

Ageing Effects of Smoking

Graphic images showing how smoking effects the ageing process in both girls and boys. The images have been aged from a starting age of approx 8-10 years old to an age of approximately 60-70 years of age...

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