Joe Smirkin It ain't cool - most kids don't smoke, Don't be in the minority - join us! Tasha Smirkin

Meet The Smirkins


Hi I'm Joe Smirkin. I'm 12 and into sport and practical jokes, mainly on my sister Tasha who's really easy to wind up since she started smoking (I'll tell you more about that later). Come and meet the rest of my family.


My Dad is Dave Smirkin and he definitely needs to do something about himself. He smokes loads and would live on cigs, tea and bacon butties if he could get away with it. My Mum is having none of it and is always on at him to eat healthy and quit smoking. But will he listen?


Our Mum, Carol Smirkin looks after us and nags us about healthy stuff. She doesn't smoke and hates Dad's smoking. I sometimes hear them arguing about it and how he's a bad example to us kids.


Tasha is my sister. She's 14 and thinks she's being really cool smoking to impress her new so-called mates, but she's got it so wrong.


Not really part of the Family, but I've got to mention my best mate, Nic. He's alright most of the time but he's started fancying Tasha and is always out to impress her – saddo!


Not forgetting our dog Patch. He's a bit scruffy but not half as daft as he looks and we get up to all sorts!

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